Our Company

Our Story

More than 15 years ago, Joshua Sizemore was tired of seeing companies get “ripped off" by mainstream IT companies so he was determined to develop a better solution.  As a result, he founded WorldwideIT.  The company quickly evolved into a highly responsive provider of managed IT services and earned respect for its innovation. The company was first in Jacksonville to offer secure cloud services.

WorldwideIT now specializes in cloud computing for enterprises of all sizes, in addition to a wide-range of managed IT and managed security services.

In 2016, WorldwideIT joined forces with CompassMSP a comprehensive managed service provider to pursue the next chapter of its growth.  Today, CompassMSP operates from two Florida locations, Jacksonville and Miami, and serves clients up the eastern seaboard.

What We Do

Since 2002, WorldwideIT has specialized in responsive IT solutions that deliver simplicity and flexibility to help your business.

We are a managed IT services provider, delivering world-class customer service that helps you increase the agility of your IT infrastructure, leverage existing investments, and preserve choice. We understand that your time is important. You shouldn’t have the burden of worrying about the technology in your business. That’s where we can help.

WorldwideIT has customized IT solutions to fit your business needs.  We listen to you, gain insight into your systems and help your technology move your company in a positive direction. Instead of costly upgrades and fixes, we will help you identify areas in your technology infrastructure to save money and improve efficiency.

We use a proven methodology to bring your organization into the cloud network seamlessly. We’ve performed hundreds of migrations for clients into our cloud, Office 365 migrations, or public cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure without any unplanned interruptions or inconveniences.

When was the last time you heard your IT guy talk like this?  Odd, isn’t it?
Experience Oddly Responsive—Oddly Better™—WorldwideIT.

Our Leadership

Our team is comprised of experienced leaders in managed IT services with a proven track record of success. Collectively we have the experience to offer a broad suite of services to meet the needs of our clients. Our world class customer service sets us apart from our competition. We work proactively prevent and solve problems for our clients before they arise.

Joshua Sizemore
Regional Vice President
Jacksonville Office
Paul Breitenbach
Regional CIO
Jacksonville Office
William Sanchez
Regional Vice President
Miami Office

Our Process

Are we a good fit for you?

Not everyone wants to be on the leading edge; we understand that more traditional attitude…but it’s usually more costly. If we can’t show you how our approach is better, we’ll recommend a colleague firm.

What are your current issues? What’s your current network environment?

Quite frankly, if your IT isn’t helping you grow your company, it’s broken…and we can fix it.

How can IT help you achieve your goals?

We ask LOTS of questions to understand completely your workflow and needs. If we’re a fit, when do we start? We’ll establish a start date, sign an agreement and move you to the best IT experience ever.

Experience the Difference

Improve your overall IT with the help of our team of trusted professionals. We know you, and our staff is there when you need us.